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John and Kathy Magee, Founders of Ideal Care Inc.

Our History

Ideal Care Inc. was founded by John and Kathy Magee when they became aware of many children and family members needing support in the care of their loved ones suffering with dementia. John and Kathy had just experienced first hand many of the daily struggles that such caregivers are faced with. It was to care for Kathy’s grandmother Idelle in 1985 that brought the Magees back to Louisville in the first place.

So, in September 1988, John and Kathy Magee forged their own path and began Ideal Care, named after her late grandmother, Idelle. The ministry began as in-home care, but their sights were set on providing another option for their clients. The Magees wanted an affordable, safe, warm, and stimulating place for their clients to come and be social, while giving their caregivers a break.

This vision has developed into a senior living home and our unique Day Party primarily for those with dementia. The Corinthian is the name our home at 1702 Gardiner Lane. This large ranch home is the most unique and non-institutional caregiving home in Louisville.

Ideal Care Inc. stands firm that the best situation for any loved one who needs long-term care is to remain in their own home with a normal routine. However, the second best situation is for that patient to come to a warm, beautiful place that is a new home.

Although the Magees are enjoying the realization of their dream, they are hardly finished. Their goal is for Ideal Care to provide a home like the Corinthian in every corner of the community, and eventually nationwide.